KGB Prison Cells Posted October 12, 2017


In the heart of the Old Town at Pagari 1 lies the former KGB headquarters in Tallinn. The building has long been a symbol of the former Soviet oppression in Estonia. For thousands of Estonians, the course of suffering began from this place. This summer KGB Prison Cells will be opened for visitors after being inaccessible for years.

The building at Pagari Street, constructed as a civil residence in 1912, has a remarkable role in the modern history of Estonia. After the Estonian Declaration of Independence in 1918 it held the meetings of Estonian Provisional Government and during the Estonian Liberation War (1918-1920) and the following time of independence, it served as a headquarters for Ministry of Defence and Estonian Army.
The building became a house of horrors from October 1940, when the sub-office of the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs of the Soviet Union in Estonia moved into this premises. The terror had begun already in June 1940 – when Estonia became occupied – with the imprisonment of the ideological enemies of the communist regime.

Today the building is functioning again as a civil residence. The circle of memory has been completed.

Visit definetly and witness our history!
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