Patarei Prison and Sea Fortress Posted October 14, 2014


The defence system completed in 1840 by order of Emperor Nicholas I has preserved its beautiful limestone facade.
With the development of technology the fortress lost its value as defence structure and became a barrack for soldiers from different army units.Patarei
 Special period for Patarei arrived in 1920 when the fortress became a prison. Because of its two meter walls, Patarei suited very well for that purpose. It was also used by all foreign powers occupying Estonia. Patarei has preserved its original Soviet interior.
This unique 19th century example of Tallinn’s top architecture has now in the 21st century changed from a longtime symbol of repressions to a favorite place for residents of the nation’s capital and visitors, a multifunctional place to spend free time.
Prison museum is open from may to September to single guests. Excursions are available all year.
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