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We are an eco-friendly host : environmental information and eco-label “Green Key”

Room Description

Since 10.02.2017 we are a proud owner of the international eco-label Green Key!

Economy Hotel is not merely ”economy accommodation”. We have increasingly chosen to focus on environmental factors and on the topics of effective use of resources. Customer awareness of the environmental protection is a crucial part for making a change and we encourage our customers to be tolerant and take part, as the bigger the awareness, the bigger the change we can make, together.


Traveling leaves its mark on our environment, that`s just the way it is, sadly.
But when making informed choices and traveling reasonably and thoughtfully, we can slowly move towards a more nature-, and therefore, humankind friendlier way of traveling.

We do love traveling but also our healing nature, our healthy people, our clean environment and our beautiful planet!

With our environmental policy we aim to :

  • create and ensure the effectiveness and further development of environmental management system „Green Key“ and to make sure the latest environmental trends and laws are implemented;

  • evaluate the environmental impacts of our operations and prevent and reduce excessive distress, pollution and unnecessary spending by sustainable consumption on every possible step;

  • involve both guests and employees to implement more sustainable actions by making the participation in hotels every day eco-friendly operations as easy as possible;

  • use environmentally friendly solutions and prefer partners with similar turn of mind;

  • possibly prefer local produce and goods;

  • minimize overall consumption during low season and low occupancy periods;

What we do daily, so far :

⇒ To reduce small plastic waste production, we have changed small hygiene products bottles to re-fillable containers in all guest rooms and public areas;
⇒ We have excluded all one-time use and disposable items meant for drinking and eating;
⇒ We recommend to have your towels changed according to actual necessity and for long term accommodation to change bedwear not more than once a week or less;
⇒ Tap water from Tallinna Vesi is drinking water! We drink and promote tap water instead of bottled water and there is a filtered water machine in our Reception, so everyone can have their reusable bottles refilled, complimentary;
⇒ We have changed our household paper and toilet paper to non-bleached and/or eco-labelled ones;
⇒ We use microfiber cloths and eco labeled and environmentally approved cleaning products for cleaning;
⇒ For laundry services we found a partner that is approved with environment and quality certificates. They use machinery that help save water and energy, detergents that are textile and environment friendly and avoid chemicals that have been black-listed;
⇒ We reuse and refresh
 furniture and textile (all furniture and curtains are from reuse!) and send the things we no longer need to be reused as well;
⇒ We have solar panels on our roof and most of our heating for rooms and water is solar and from air-to-water heat pumps;

⇒ We minimize electricity, water, heating and overall consumption during low season and on low occupancy periods;
⇒ We offer complimentary parking for cars and bikes, so all nearby sights can easily be visited on foot or by public transportation;

⇒ We added bicycle holders to our back yard;
⇒ We sort waste and aim to always reduce waste production;
⇒ We take every opportunity to return unused and outdated paper to supplier and producer;

⇒ We prefer environmentally friendly solutions and partners with similar turn of mind;
⇒ We consider eco-friendlier approaches to our day-to-day work daily and plan ahead with that in mind;


We hope our employees, partners and guests would also all carry eco-friendly outlooks on life within and there are some surprisingly simple steps that pack a big impact with no extra hard effort.

  • Choose printing and paper free options for accommodation confirmations. For check-in You only need an ID and opening up your reservation online. The same recommendation applies for most concerts, theaters, museums and entertainment offers in Estonia;
  • Prefer eco-friendlier transportation options for cars. We are situated in the heart of public transportation and tram, bus and even train stations are right next to us. It is only a short walk or bicycle drive from us to anywhere in the city center. Alternatively we recommend bicycle rentals and scooters (over web) are available all over Tallinn.
  • Pre-order your menu, group menu and lunch or dinner selections via e-mail and help optimize produce orders and reduce unnecessary food waste;

  • Critically evaluate the content of your guests and/or groups gift baskets and complimentary items from partners;

  • Help restrain unnecessary waste of water. Do not leave your tap or shower run for nor reason. For example, close water while conditioning or brushing teeth.

  • Help restrain unnecessary waste of energy. Close your TV and smart gadgets and torn of the lights when leaving the room and when nut using them.

  • Help restrain unnecessary waste of washing detergents, transportation, water and energy by using your towels for multiple days and only having them changed when actually necessary. When change is needed, leave used towels on the floor, so our housekeepers notice;

  • Help us sort waste by leaving household waste to the bin, packaging and bottles next to the bin and paper on the table. Batteries can be brought to Reception.

  • Help us reduce plastic waste by refilling your own bottle in hotel Reception from filtered water machine. Our tap water is drinking water as well.

  • Use active vacation options in nature, parks, hiking trails and sporting rounds;

♥ Together for a healthier future ♥