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Good to know – environmental information – Green Key

Room Description

Economy Hotel is not merely colloquially ”economy accomodation”. We have increasingly chosen to focus on environmental factors and on the topics of effective use of resources. Customer awareness of the environmental protection subject will help us establish bigger potential for further growth also in the economic management direction. We encourage our customers to be tolerant of our activity for environmental protection. The bigger customers’ awareness, the bigger chances there are for savings and to offer accomodation in downtown for really cheap price.

Since 10.02.2017 Economy Hotel has officially the environmental label Green Key!

Our accomplishments 2010 – 2017:

* Relocation of warm water and heat production to solar power and air-water heat pumps;

* Introduction of aerators in faucets for optimizing water consumption;

* We are recommending to change towels according to customers’ request;

* We use dye and perfume free shampoo and soap in batchers in rooms and avoid using disposable containers;

* We are cooperating with a partner for non-bleached paper towels and toilet paper from a paper with an eco label;

* We use microfibre cloths and eco labeled and environmentally approved cleaning products for cleaning;

* For laundry service we cooperate with a company which is approved with evironment and quality certificates and which minimally uses energy and environment polluting chemicals.