The polar bears at Tallinn Zoo have just moved into a new enclosure, the Polarium, where they are enjoying what estate agents might call a des-res with all mod cons! The zoo has four resident polar bears: dad Nord, mum Friida, and their two playful cubs, Aron and Nora. Polar bears are some of the world’s largest predators. In the wild they inhabit the Arctic regions of the north. Climate change is affecting the entire planet, but especially the natural habitat of these creatures. Zoos play a major part in protecting polar bears, preserving the gene base of the species, and informing people about the situation faced by animal (and human) residents of polar regions.

A special website has also been set up for the Polarium on which you will find information about the project, the bears themselves, and the climate.

Take a trip to our Zoo, where you can meet our polar bears in their new home and also other inhabitants.
Near the Economy hotel there is a bus stop where you can take a bus straight next to the Zoo.